How ACF works internally

In general you don't have to know how ACF works. But as you are a developer, you might be interested ;-)
Here we explain ACF++, the framework for message passing in a multi-threaded environment.

We use the coding example from the Astade repository. Here are the state charts from this example:

state chart 1 state chart 2
class diagram composite structure

The Trace

When we trace this program we get the following sequence chart. You don't see anything about ACF here, because ACF is the “motor”. It's the vehicle that enables us to have something like “messages”.

The Trace including ACF

When we trace ACF too, the picture gets full. Here you can see the the two ACF objects, running on separate threads.
This is not the normal way to look at your programs! It is only to demonstrate the internal working of ACF in detail.
First, here is the class diagram of ACF:

And here is the complete trace:

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