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 +====== Installing Astade under Windows ======
 +===== Toolchain =====
 +To work with Astade you need a working toolchain, consisting of a c++ compiler and the usual unix-tools, like make.
 +To see the generated UML diagrams you need the dot-graphics package.
 +The Astade Code generators are generating commented code, suitable for postprocessing with Doxygen to get a nice source documentation mixed with impressive interactive class-diagrams.
 +  * go to http://​toolchain.astade.de/​ and get the following installers:
 +   * MinGW-i686
 +   * bin
 +   * wxWidgets 2.9
 +   * spirit-1.8.5-miniboost
 +   * graphviz-2.14.1
 +  * install all the packages
 +  * the installers should set some enviroment variables - these variables will be used by the Astade Makefiles.
 +  * get the latest Astade Windows Installer from the [[http://​daily.astade.de/​stable|download page]]
 +The first steps should be: check whether the compiler is working - perhaps you write a new "Hello world"​....
 +After this check, whether make is installed correctly - e.g. call ''​make --version'',​ it should state something about GNU make....
 +Now call Astade for the first time. Maybe you want to have a look on the [[tutorial:​starting|tutorial]] for that.
 +At first you should adjust alle the application paths in the settings dialog - especially the path to make must be present...
 +  ​
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