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 +====== VIM Macros for Trace2UML ======
 +Include the following mappings in your .vimrc to have shortcuts for the Trace2UML-Macros. Just place the cursor on the function definition line and press F3 if the function is a constructor,​ F4 if the function is a destructor or F5 for any other function.\\
 +''​map <F5> k0/::<​CR>​b"​yyw"​wy0nll"​zyw/​(<​CR>​v%"​xyjoNOTIFY_FUNCTION_CALL(this,​ 5, "<​ESC>"​ypA",​ "<​ESC>"​zpA",​ "<​ESC>"​xpA",​ "<​ESC>"​wpA"​)<​ESC>​0/"<​CR>​4nlxnhx<​ESC>:​nohls<​CR>​0''​ \\
 +''​map <F4> k0/::<​CR>​b"​yyw"​wy0nll"​zyw/​(<​CR>​v%"​xyjoNOTIFY_DESTRUCTOR(5,​ "<​ESC>"​ypA"​)<​ESC>:​nohls<​CR>​0''​\\
 +''​map <F3> k0/::<​CR>​b"​yyw"​wy0nll"​zyw/​(<​CR>​v%"​xyjoNOTIFY_CONSTRUCTOR(5,​ "<​ESC>"​ypA",​ "<​ESC>"​xpA"​)<​ESC>​0/"<​CR>​2nlxnhx<​ESC>:​nohls<​CR>​0''​\\
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