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 +====== FAQ ======
 +===== What are these cryptic filenames good for? =====
 +Astade strores the model elements in the file system of your computer. Every element (parameter, class, attribute ...) is a file. This results in a lot of single files and subdirectories.\\
 +You would suggest to name directories and files the same as the coresponding model element?\\
 +If you work with a repository, e.g. SVN, Astade adds all new generated files automatically to the repository, and some repositories cannot handle a rename of directories.\\
 +If you work without a repository (or use [[http://​git.or.cz/​ |Git]]), Astade offers the option to rename the files and directories to sane names.
 +===== SVN can rename directories,​ why not use it? =====
 +SVN can rename directories,​ that's true. But only if you have a clean copy of the directory you want to rename. And only if you commit immediately after renaming, without doing additional changes inside the renamed directory tree.\\
 +Astade has to do a lot more when you rename a directory. All relations in the tree, which are actually links to filenames, have to be corrected. Astade does this in a rename, but that means that a lot of files have their contents changed.\\
 +In our tests this trashes the repository steadily. So we don't rename directories when working with a repository (except [[http://​git.or.cz/​ |Git]]).
 +===== Can I get commercial support for Astade? =====
 +In Germany you can contact [[http://​consulting.astade.de|Thomas Spitzer]]. He is a founding member of the Astade development team and should be able to give you every Astade support you need. 
 +In other countries we don't know anybody who supports Astade, yet.
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