What are these cryptic filenames good for?

Astade strores the model elements in the file system of your computer. Every element (parameter, class, attribute …) is a file. This results in a lot of single files and subdirectories.
You would suggest to name directories and files the same as the coresponding model element?
If you work with a repository, e.g. SVN, Astade adds all new generated files automatically to the repository, and some repositories cannot handle a rename of directories.
If you work without a repository (or use Git), Astade offers the option to rename the files and directories to sane names.

SVN can rename directories, why not use it?

SVN can rename directories, that's true. But only if you have a clean copy of the directory you want to rename. And only if you commit immediately after renaming, without doing additional changes inside the renamed directory tree.
Astade has to do a lot more when you rename a directory. All relations in the tree, which are actually links to filenames, have to be corrected. Astade does this in a rename, but that means that a lot of files have their contents changed.
In our tests this trashes the repository steadily. So we don't rename directories when working with a repository (except Git).

Can I get commercial support for Astade?

In Germany you can contact Thomas Spitzer. He is a founding member of the Astade development team and should be able to give you every Astade support you need. In other countries we don't know anybody who supports Astade, yet.

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