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 +====== Feature wishlist ======
 +==== Doxygen Page ====
 +When we generate code it is commented in Doxygen style, so you can easily generate documentation using Doxygen.
 +But in Doxygen there are more possibilities than only documenting classes. It has a possibility to generate separate pages and subpages with additional explanations.
 +It would be nice to have model elements to support this. I could imagine, we add a model element "​page"​ inside "​classes"​ folder.
 +Astade coder codes this in Doxygen style into separate files (maybe with "​*.doxygen"​ extention.
 +This would give the possibility to write a complete (user) documentation in parallel to a code development.
 +You should be able to "add to active component"​ thease pages. So you could even make a "​document only" component, which only contains those pages.
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